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Technology and telecommunications continue to be a catalyst for change in all areas of business and industry, and the real estate market is no exception. Digitalisation has left its mark across the industry delivering dramatic improvements in workforce productivity, supply chain efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Businesses operating in this industry are being forced to embrace innovation and adapt their business models. From building design and project management to workforce safety and customer service, the scope for connectivity continues to expand to accommodate an increasingly mobile and digitised landscape.

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operating regions: Australia, Europe, the Americas and Asia


Multinational construction, property, and infrastructure company Lendlease has been ranked as one of the world’s most innovative companies for its adoption of digital technologies and commitment to sustainability.

Headquartered in Australia, Lendlease has a mobile workforce of over 1600 employees, from engineers working on sites to executives travelling regularly across continents, with all the roaming requirements that entails.


Maximising Productivity & Efficiency


With a global workforce it was essential that the team at Lendlease find a solution that provided the flexibility needed to ensure that their people remain connected but also in control of their usage and the associated costs. Time zone differences also meant that 24/7/365 support and account access was essential.

Working closely with their IT team, our technical experts were able to identify the exact needs of the business and ensure that the necessary controls and restrictions were in place.

Platinum level settings ensured that all of the relevant tools were accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via the my.plan platform by authorised users.

We see ourselves as pioneers in our industry and plan.com are too, in theirs. We came to plan.com because of their cutting-edge technology and their ability to do things that no one else in the market could do.

Lendlease Tim Penfold – Head of IT
( a plan.com customer )


The Lendlease team is focused on innovation and a large part of their connectivity requirement was a solution that enabled them to make large scale efficiencies beyond simple cost controls.

Remote device management of its mobile estate via my.plan saw turnaround time for services such as SIM card activation reduced by 14 days down to 24 hours, a time saving that was critical during the COVID-19 pandemic where responsiveness and support was paramount.


The management team at Lendlease has worked alongside our technical team and analysts to fully understand and utilise the in-depth reporting, insights, and analysis possible from the platform to spot trends and deliver business intelligence.

Bespoke reporting was set up to automate various management information deliverables, from attributing mobile costs to individual employees for accounting purposes, to the production of internal KPI reports and departmental statistics, including location services and tracking utilised during Covid-19 travel restrictions.

MI reporting was also expanded to cross reference employee’s timesheets with mobile data usage to adhere to and improve the business’s Health, Safety & Environmental Compliance.

my.plan has also enabled Lendlease to see the impact that the growing use of increasingly important tools such as Microsoft Teams is having on connectivity and data usage, so that allocations can be adjusted accordingly in real time, rather than having to do so retrospectively.


Over time, our business relationship with plan.com has become so strong that it is now more of a partnership. We use all their services, and they meet with us regularly to review our account and develop ideas around how to meet our needs going forward. I’ve recommended them to others many times

Tim Penfold - Head of ITLendlease( a plan.com customer )

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We see ourselves as pioneers of our industry and plan.com are too, in theirs.

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