Streamlined mobile management kept RPP connected and in control during COVID pandemic


The platform is great because it’s so flexible and easy to use.

Since 1937, RPP has provided construction consultancy services – including quantity surveying and project management – to blue-chip corporates and SMEs across a range of sectors, as well as those in the property and construction industries. A RICS-chartered practice, it has 100 staff operating nationwide from four offices in London, Leeds, Bradford and Marlow.


RPP has been a plan.com customer since November 2020, having become disillusioned with its previous mobile supplier. During the first Covid-19 lockdown in March of that year, the business had seen its mobile bills double to several thousand pounds per month, as workers used their mobiles more and exceeded their allowance of minutes and data. Unfortunately, it took three months to get a bundle added on, while the business simultaneously struggled to cancel connections workers were no longer using.

We had so many issues with our previous supplier just not dealing with problems until plan.com and Partner, One Connectivity sorted it for us






UK based offices

I can identify charges and pull up all the information I need, allocate cost centres and feed the information into the accounts system - easy.

Dee Priestley - Group Business Manager

The result .

Cost is always at the forefront of my mind, and costs have reduced

Recurring monthly costs are lower and using some ‘kit money’ received as part of the plan.com deal with One Connectivity, RPP was able to upgrade its handsets without major expense.

Having a demonstration of the functionality that my.plan has to offer helped to seal the deal and has assisted with onboarding and training. The platform makes it easy for Priestley to run the necessary analysis and breakdowns of bills required for accounting purposes. “I can identify charges easily and pull up all the information I need, allocate cost centres and feed the information into the accounts system,” she explains.

She adds, “Previously I could only manage our mobile account by making a phone call, so my.plan has cut out the middle-man. I get email and text alerts about usage too, but the platform is great because it’s so flexible and easy to use”.

RPP’s relationship with plan.com may still be in its infancy, but Priestley would wholeheartedly recommend it. “It ticks the boxes we need as a business,” she says.


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Keeping RPP connected and in control during COVID pandemic.

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