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The world of sport is increasingly reliant on technology to deliver its 21st century ambitions, as Scottish Premiership football club Hibernian FC is all too aware.

Now approaching its 150th anniversary, the Edinburgh based club is constantly looking for innovative technologies to enhance the fan experience and promote engagement, as well as to deliver operational improvements.

Working with plan.com and its partner Indigo, who are now also official partners of the club, has been central to delivering those improvements.

Hibernian F.C. has around 30 business mobile devices currently in use, among a total staff headcount of around 100.

As the global pandemic hit, the club was keen to find a solution to enable remote working while also remaining in control of connectivity usage and cost.

Central to that were the Hibernian finance team who would play an active role in monitoring usage and taking action to mitigate risk and maximise profitability and performance across the business.


Maximising Productivity & Efficiency


One of the first starting points for the club was to work with Indigo and plan.com to identify ways to reduce costs and maximise efficiencies across the business.

With such a varied and mobile workforce, the club was also keen to find a solution that would be simple and easy to roll out across the team, from IT professionals through to the administration staff.

Speed of set up and the availability of ongoing support was also crucial, even more so as the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic began to take hold.

If you are not an IT professional, sophisticated tech tools can be complicated to understand and use, but the plan.com platform is clear and straightforward and that’s one of the best things about it.

Hibernian Murray Milligen – Commercial Manager
Hibernian football club
( a plan.com customer )


Previously the club had encountered issues with escalating connectivity usage and costs across its users due to lack of visibility and insight.

The team were quickly set up with my.plan access which gave that insight immediately, eliminating the need to wait for the monthly invoice cycle.

Call and data controls were also essential to help users to stay within their allowances and remain connected while working remotely.

my.plan’s interactive Help Centre, easy to follow user guides and how to videos were also a crucial part of the efficient training and roll out of the platform.


Implementation of the plan.com services and platform was a resounding success and Hibernian FC were quick to cite the speed of set-up and availability of ongoing support as being crucial to that.

The club ultimately made significant savings on their mobile connectivity, while benefiting from improved network coverage and reliability, ensuring seamless communication across the organisation.


Previously people would go over their allowance of minutes and heavy charges would start to stack up. So having that visibility is vital… All in all, it was a no-brainer to go with plan.com.

Murray Milligen – Commercial ManagerHibernian football club( a plan.com customer )

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